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ImageAn opalescent nudibranch Hermissenda crassicorniscrawling towards an unknown white sponge. Note the white longitudinal lines on the cerata.


Sponge (unidentified)
Tunicate (unidentified)
Cheetoh bryozoan (Celleporina robertsoniae)
Horned Aeolid (Hermissenda crassicornis)

Location (General):

Big Sur

Site (Specific):

Big Creek Pinnacle

Date taken:

August, 17 2006

Photo credit:

Steve Lonhart / NOAA MBNMS

Photographer's comments:

Pinnacle at entrance to Big Creek Cove, Big Creek State Marine Reserve.

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Hermissenda crassicornis
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Photo Location Map

      Latitude: 36.069078    Longitude: -121.6007

File name: SIL_081706_0909.jpg